Everyday opportunities for fitness training

Open spaces provide lots of opportunities for having fun and getting fitter.  

  • A passage in the house may provide a longish open stretch for jumping games. 3y running  2.jpg
  • Playing fields or a stretch of grass in the park is wonderful for running and walking games. 
  • A shopping mall provides a safe and dry space when it is raining or miserable outside. 
  • A road with a pavement  is a safe space for going for a quick walk around the block. 
  • Even better, a road up a hill for brisk uphill walks.

An open field, some encouragement and a stop watch 

Open fields with large stretches of grass are wonderful action spaces. 

  • Run for the sheer pleasure of moving fast.   Have races. Who can get there first?
  • Throw a ball very far and run to fetch it. 
  • Mark a starting line and set out a marker about 20 meters away.  Run from the starting line around the marker and back to the starting point. Time yourselves. Can you go faster next time.  How many times can you run there and back going really fast? 
  • Walk across the field taking really giant steps and doing big leaps. 
  • Walk backwards as fast as you can. 
  • An open field when the wind is blowing is even better.   Stretch out your arms and twirl across the field. 

When it is raining

Find a mall where you can have walking races.  Practice walking fast and dodging the other shoppers.    This provides a wonderful opportunity for paying attention to where  you are walking. 

Go for a puddle walk.  Put on Wellington boots and a good raincoat. Find some puddles to stomp through or jump over.

Walking in your neighbourhood

​Go for a walk around the block. Time yourselves.  

  • Can you walk around the block three times, getting faster each time? 
  • How far can you walk in ten minute?.  Start at the same place tomorrow and see if you can walk further in ten minutes. 

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