Task oriented movement therapy for children

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Gravitational insecurity or a fearful temperament?

Retained primitive reflexes: are they real? 
Bilateral motor coordination 

TOMT&T Practical Handbook  


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BI, anxious temperament and physical therapy
Moving on from a low muscle tone diagnosi
International clinical practice recommendations on DCD
Joint Hypermobility 
Developmental Coordination Disorder 
Autism notes: abstracts of research
Testimonial  Anyway, thanks again for an incredible set of resources. Despite having worked with about every specialist on the planet, you're the first person I feel like truly "gets" my child and her challenges- despite your never having met her. Seriously. Thank you so much. If you ever publish a book, I'd be the first one to buy it!  JS Feb 2019

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Active mobilization 
Principles of active mobilization

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Fitness and Coordination Online Trainingp Guide 

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