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Welcome to the Skills for Action Website.

Pam and Will.jpgYou have just joined the community of between 600-700 people from all over the world who visit the Skills for Action website each day in search of information about joint hypermobility, low muscle tone and DCD in children. 

I feel very privileged to connect with so many parents, grandparents and teachers on a daily basis and am deeply aware that this also carries a responsibility to provide everyone with the best possible, evidence based information.

About the author

oli and pam 2_0.jpgI am physiotherapist from  Cape Town, South Africa. I am particularly interested in how children acquire skills and the importance of the emotional and cognitive skills in children's learning of movement-based tasks.

I have lectured full-time at universities in the UK and South Africa and still produce online courses for physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

More recently I have added a new role to my portfolio - granny. I am Nana to 5 grandchildren aged 4 to 16 years. They have taught me a great deal about caring for young children and are a constant reminder of  how children develop at different paces and face different challenges. 

In these web pages you will often meet these three little people moving, playing and learning under the observing eyes of their Nana and her camera.

About  Skills for Action 

All children have the capacity to improve their existing movement skills and to acquire new skills through practice. The trick is to provide the child with the right learning opportunities - and then to support the learning so that the child's efforts lead to success.

The aim is to  share with parents and teachers some very practical ideas that I have found to be useful in helping children to gain movement skills.

Pam Versfeld
Physiotherapist, qeberha South Africa


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