Low Muscle Tone/Hypermobility & DCD Handbook

A practical online guide for parents and teachers

Your child has been diagnosed with a movement disorder (low muscle tone, DCD/dyspraxia, joint hypermobility) and you are looking for help with understanding your child's difficulties and wanting to know what you can do to help your child. 

These are tricky questions. Taking time to read these articles will provide some answers and suggestions for the way forward. 

Testimonial: I just wanted to say your website is one of the most helpful I've ever come across.  Despite having worked with about every specialist on the planet, you're the first person I feel like truly "gets" my child and her challenges- despite your never having met her. Seriously. Thank you so much. I wish we lived closer so that you could work with my daughter, but the next best thing is your awesome resources. Please keep them coming- they are life changing!

How can I help my child? 

Moving on from a diagnosis of low muscle tone

Attention, behavior and motivation 

Children who are very sensitive and avoid challenging circumstances

How to motivate a reluctant child 

Mindfulness activities for training attention and self regulation 

Making a plan and formulating goals 

The 15-minutes-a-day-challenge and identifying goals 
Get some perspective; identify tasks your child has mastered and those that are not-yet mastered

Everyday and school routines and goals checklist 
A list of common tasks children encounter in their everyday lives 

School tasks checklist 
All the tasks a child needs to master to participate fully in the classroom

Exercises and activity instructions  
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Effective coaching: tips for training
How to motivate a reluctant child

Children with DCD need help learning new skills

How to improve muscle strength and power

How and when to stretch

How children learn a new skill

Exercise instruction
With links to PDF downloads (where available) 
Stretching exercises 

Trunk and neck strength

Leg strength and agility

Arm and hand strength 

A full list of programs and activities
The SfA Fitness and Coordination Guide home page 

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All the information you need to be your child's coach and advocate  

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Low Muscle Tone Handbook (PDF downloads) 
Training coordination for everyday activities 
Training strength and flexibility - exercise instructions 

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