Generalized joint hypermobility: impact on function

Overview - impact on function and behavior 

Characteristics and diagnosis of joint hypermobility 
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The cautious child: impact on motor learning and development 
Provides important background for understanding the the impact of behavioral inhibition on function and participation in children with GJH.  Read more 

Low muscle tone = joint hypermobility
In the absence of muscle or CNS  pathology. A challenge to rethink low muscle tone. 

Impact of hypermobility on development
Different development for hypermobile and preterm infants.

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Impact of joint hypermobility on joint ROM and function

Hypermobility and patterns of restriction in the hip structures
Impact on function in sitting and standing 

Knee joint: hypermobility, patterns of restriction and tibial torsion. 
Impact on function in standing and sitting 

Ankle and foot 
Patterns of hypermobility and restriction 

Wrist and hand joint in GJH
Impact on function and the importance of an adapted grip for handwriting 

Useful links
British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Guidelines for Management of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in Children and Young People.  


Generalized Joint Hypermobility