Training hip and knee fitness

The Hip and Knee Fitness Program

This is a set of exercises designed to improve the flexibility, strength and coordination of the hips and knees of children with generalized joint hypermobiltiy, particularly children who sit in W-sitting.

Just $20 for a 12 month subscription

Stretches to improve hip joint and muscle flexibility

xleg side bend_0_1_0.jpgCross leg stretches

trunk rotation floor 10_0.jpgLower back and trunk  stretches 

reach-bridge-lift-leg_1.jpgExercises to stretch iliotibial band 

Strengthening  to hip muscles 

reach-bridge-lift-leg_1.jpgBridging for hip strength and flexibility


Stand foot on ball.jpgStanding on one leg challenge 

supine kick ball_1.jpgHip flexor muscle strengthening 

hopping-5-years-2.jpgHopping for calf muscle strength