Physical therapy resources

Notes, evidence for practice and practical ideas 

Conditions that affect gross motor abilities in children 
With links to suggested exercises programs and HEP's (for subscribers)

Joint hypermobility - impact on function

Idiopathic toe walking  

In-toeing gait, femoral anteversion and tibial torsion

The trouble with W-sitting 

Low muscle tone 

Flat feet - not just a foot problem

Infants with low muscle tone and joint hypermobility

​Developmental coordination disorder and dyspraxia

Intervention strategies 

Active mobilization
Active mobilization techniques combine the well established principles of PNF hold-relax with an understanding of the structure and function of fascia. The techniques are comfortable and can be used to mobilize infants and children with immediate changes in range of movement.  Read more 

OPTIMAL theory of motor learning
A new theory of motor learning that provides the conceptual basis for task based/context oriented training 

Temperament, behavior, sensory issues and motivation
A collection of observations and notes (with annotated bibliographies) on the difficult behaviors (including sensory issues) that interfere with children's motivation and ability learn new skills and fully participate in home, classroom, outdoor and community activities.  

Managing Flexibility: A Manual for Therapists
For Flexibility Manual Subscribers