Task and goal oriented movement training for infants and toddlers

A 2-day workshop for physiotherapists and OTs​

Presented by Pam Versfeld MSc (Physiotherapy)  UCT 

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Website TOMT for Infants and Toddlers   whatsapp 084 945 6575

Course details 

Aims of the workshop 
1  Review infant perceptual-motor development from a perception-action and integrated task-individual-environment (T-I-E) perspective 
2  Promote the use a task and goal oriented approach to assessment and intervention for infants and toddlers with developmental delay and suspected CP
3  Promote understanding the dynamics of temperament, motivation and family environment and the  carry over into daily routines
4  Provide opportunities for designing intervention strategies based on clinical reasoning. 

Cost  R2200  Includes a 12 months subscription to the TOMT for Infants and Toddlers website 

CPD points   12 will be applied for 

Follow up mentoring  Participants will be encouraged to participate and contribute to on-line mentoring programmes. 

Proposed program 

Day 1 
Introduction to a developmental systems approach to understanding perceptual development 
Overview of goal and task oriented approaches to early intervention for infants with developmental delay and suspected CP
Development, assessment and intervention at different ages and stages with case studies 
0-3 months: getting active in supine and learning how to interact with the social and physical environment 
4-6 months: becoming mobile in supine and prone, early sitting and learning to use the hands 
7-9 months: Learning to crawl, sit and use the hands for exploring objects, early communication
Day 2 
10-12 months: Up into standing and cruising and more complex hand use and start of verbal communication 
13-15 months: learning to walk independently, clambering and climbing, and using the hands for getting things done
16-24 months: Learning to negotiate different terrains, plan complex movement actions and tool use 

For more information and to host this course
Pam Versfeld  pam@skillsforaction.com   Whatsup  084 945 6575

Website   Task Oriented Movement Therapy for Infants and Toddlers