SfA Fitness and Coordination On-line Training Guide

An on-line guide for parents and teachers of children with movement difficulties 


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New Low muscle tone and DCD online handbook
A PDF handbook on training motor abilities for parents of children with a diagnosis of  low muscle tone, SPD, autism, joint hypermobility Read more

Training Programs 
Assessment, training tips, exercise instructions

   walking.jpeg  running_.jpeg     Sitting.jpeg  ball-skills.jpeg

toe-walking.jpeg    in-toeing-gait.jpeg  bumping-tripping-falling.jpeg   flat-feet.png

Exercises for strength and flexibility

Trunk exercises: back, abdominal, neck muscles and core stability

pillow-surfing_1.jpg   plank lift arm and leg.jpg   supine-hips-flexed-ball_1.jpg

Sitting posture and stamina for the classroom

Reach clasp tiwst left.jpgsit-arm-elevate-cross_1.jpg   Big bottle top of head_5.jpg

Leg exercises for improving walking, running and jumping

bend-knees-more_1.jpg    3 landing_1.jpg    step-down-foot-flat_1.jpg

Exercises for strengthening the arms 

Holding flower sticks_1_0.jpg     sit-ball-stick_1.jpg   Prone kneel lift knees_1.jpg


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