Understanding Handwriting and Drawing Difficulties in Young Children

About handwriting and drawing difficulties in young children 

How hypermobility/low muscle tone, DCD/dyspraxia, autism and a highly sensitive nature affect handwriting 

Common difficulties with handwriting  

Pencil grip, finger movements, wrist position and shoulder control

Sitting posture and stamina 

Drawing, basic graphic skills and handwriting 

Why attention to drawing is very important in kindergarten 
Why teach graphic skills in kindergarten

Teaching drawing and handwriting 

How the brain controls drawing and handwriting movements 

Learning to write letters using a stroke based approach
The brain uses a set of basic strokes for printing letters. Linking strokes forms the letters. 

Activities and exercises for improving handwriting and drawing skills

Posture and shoulder movements 

Exercises for improving posture for handwriting - a 12 page PDF download 
Exercises for improving shoulder control for handwriting 

Pencil grip and finger movements 

Changing an ineffective grip
Training finger movements for drawing and handwriting 

Graphic skills for handwriting 

Drawing activities for training basic graphic skills 

Teaching handwriting - a stroke based approach

A step-by-step guide to teaching handwriting using a stroke based approach 
How to improve letter reversals - using a stroke based approach 
Using sound feedback to improve fluency
Best practice for teaching a motor skill