Hand activities and exercises

Different grasps for different tasks  

The different ways the hands work together to grasp and manipulate objects

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Scissor cutting: how the hands work together 

Cutting with scissors if a highly skilled motor activity that requires good coordination between the actions of the two hands, and requires many hours of practice to achieve the high level of skill required in school. In this blog I take a look at how the two hands work together to cut paper using a pair of scissors.

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Activities for training hand strength and coordination

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Opening and closing screw top lids

For finger strength and coordination



Cutting paper with a pair of scissors

Graded activities for training scissor cutting, starting with short straight lines to complex shapes. 



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Pouring activities: for training coordination, hand and arm strength


Peg exercises: finger strength 


Playing with Blutak - strengthening the fingers

Using g a key grip for a forceful grasp of small objects.   Pulling up zips and trousers, undoing Velcro tags


Elastic band activities: strength and coordination training for the fingers 

Stitching with a needle: strength and endurance training for the fingers 

Beanbag on a stick: power grip activities for hand and arm strength

Making and undoing knots: finger strength and coordination

Wool winding: for finger coordination and endurance

Tennis ball gobbling monster: training finger strength 

Cutting with a knife 

Scooping with a spoon and a trowel 

Book balancing activities: specific training for small hand muscle 

Squeeze bottle activities