Guided scribbling for children who are very reluctant to draw

Many children who are reluctant to draw and find forming letters difficult and frustrating lack the basic graphic skills needed for drawing and printing letters.  

So if your child is having difficulties with drawing and printing letters, is avoiding these tasks it may be useful to take a few steps back and start at the beginning. 

Young children start their drawing career spending a great deal of time drawing straight and curved lines, with ever increasing levels of control and accuracy. This early practice is important for training the brain to plan the movements needed for creating lines with a  particular length, place and direction. 

These pictures show how toes at 22 months experiments with lines in different directions 

T 22 m drawing  2 25 Nov.jpg   T 22 m drawing  25 Nov.jpg

In this video I make suggestions for how you can use guided scribbling games as a good place to start working on your child's basic graphic abilities and also overcome some of the resistance to drawing. These guded scribbling activities will go a long way to building a sound foundation for learning to print letters.