How 15 minutes of daily goal focused training will benefit your child

12 Reasons for taking time for goal focused guided practice 

  1. Working towards a specific goal provides a focus for a training session and allows you and your child to experience the heady pleasure of success.A good training program divides big goals into smaller easy to achieve  goals  that allow the child to succeed every day. 
  2. Parents and children learn the value of formulating achievable goals.
  3. Parents and children experience the pleasure of doing something together in a cooperative manner.
  4. Children get to feel the mental high that comes with achieving a goal and become more willing to participate in challenging tasks in future.  
  5. Children start to understand that skills can be improved with focused practice.
  6. Children make the shift from "I cannot do this" to "I cannot do this yet – but give me time and I  will get better."  Frequent experience of success improves self-confidence and the self-efficacy.
  7. Working hard at a difficult task teaches the value of persistence and trains attention skills.
  8. Busy parents learn to focus their attention on their children and switch off their mobiles
  9. Parents learn how to motivate their children
  10. Training improves fitness and fit children are more confident and more willing to participate.
  11. Fit children also do better academically.
  12. A short bout of effortful physical activity recharges the brain.

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