Training to improve foot posture and function

Flat feet: not just a foot problem

Children with flexible flat feet often have poor flexibility and strength in the hip muscles as well as poorly developed balance responses in the ankle muscles. (Read more about flexible flat feet)

The SfA Training program includes exercises to address all these difficulties. 

Planning you child's training program 

Set aside  10-15 minutes a day to do the exercises.

Make a real commitment to do at least 5 exercises each date. Try not to skip days - even if it means doing only 1 or 2 exercises on busy days. 

Do all the exercises each week

Work on 1-2 exercises from each of the three sections each day. Alternate the exercises so that you do them all at least twice a week. 

Just $20 for a 12 months subscription 

Active stretching exercises 

Stretching the iliotibial band

There are three exercises for stretching the iliotibial band. Do each exercise at least 3 times per week. 

Prone forearm boxes.jpg   sit feet forwards bend_0.jpg    crook-lying-bridge.jpg

Activities for training standing balance on one leg 

Standing on one leg with foot and hand support

Learning to balance on one leg 

Activities for strengthening the leg muscles 

Stepping up and down (step-ups)

Stepping down 

Stand foot on ball_1.jpg         Stand one leg clap hands 2_1.jpg       step down 1_1.jpg

Exercises to train foot balance responses 

To train awareness and active correction of foot posture and foot balance exercises 

Training foot posture, ankle muscle strength  and balance responses 

tipping back_2.jpg     point across_1.jpg       Stand reach.jpg

A word of caution 

Remember to consult your child's health professional before starting an exercise program. This is particularly important if your child is experiencing pain. 

If your child is seeing a physical therapist, be sure to talk to her about any exercises you want to add to the exercises that have been prescribed.