Skills for Action CPD Workshops

For physiotherapists and occupational therapists in South Africa 

Presented by Pam Versfeld   MSc (Physiotherapy) UCT

I am putting together three workshops that can be transported to any part of the country where there are one or two people willing to host the workshop and a minimum of 12 people who want to attend. 

Dates will be decided in collaboration with workshop hosts. 

The projected course fee for each participant is R1500 for a single day, and R2000 for 2 days.  Hosts get to go free. The course fee includes a subscription to either the Skills for Action or the TOMT for Infants websites. 

6 CPD points will be applied for per day

If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop please drop me a line:

Task and goal oriented movement training for infants and toddlers 

Task and goal oriented, intensive training has been shown to be effective in changing developmental trajectory of infants with developmental delay and who are at risk for CP. 
Designing effective training for infants depends on an in depth knowledge of the many factors that influence infant development. Read more 

The purpose of this work shop is to provide OTs and PTs with insight into role of experience and repeated cycles of perception-action in promoting development. 

This knowledge allows therapists analyse the factors that are  constraining performance of age appropriate tasks and then design adapted tasks that will promote learning. 

Course details  Aims, cost, programme and more 

Active mobilisation and stretching for infants and young children 

1 Factors that influence flexibility in children

  • Role of connective tissue structure and function   
  • Understanding tensegrity in body biomechanics 

2 Development of typical flexibility and atypical flexibility

  • Common patterns of restricted movement in children with movement disorders

3 Assessment, active mobilization and stretching of the upper quadrant. 

4  Assessment, active mobilization and stretching of the lower quadrant. 

More about active mobilisation with video demo

Introduction to task oriented movement therapy for young children 

1 Overview of common developmental disorders with a motor component  

  • DCD, joint hypremobility/low muscle tone, autism, ADHD

2  Task analysis using an integrated task-individual-environment approach 
Informs understanding of why the child experiences difficulties and and designing effective task based training. Read more

3  Temperament, motivation and motor learning 

  • How temperament influences behavior and learning 
  • Structuring training to promote learning 
  • Learning to be brave, taking on challenges and promoting self-efficacy 

4 Topics for task analysis and intervention design 

The topics for task analysis covered in the workshop will depend the preference of the group members.
The number of topics covered will also depend on the time available  

  • Training ball skills 
  • Training sitting for table top work 
  • Drawing and handwriting 
  • Functional strength training for common PE tasks:
  • Walking endurance 
  • Running for keeping up with peers 


For more information

Pam Versfeld 

Whatsapp  084 945 6575