This week's exercise challenge: Standing: blocking a ball with a stick

In this activity the child uses a stick held at chest height to push away a ball thrown towards him.

This action requires a steady head and trunk in order to counteract the impact of the ball as it hits the stick, and then keep the head and trunk steady as the arms push on the ball.

The child learns to brace the muscles in preparation for the action: learning to initiate a rapid and timely anticipatory postural response is an important aspect of training trunk (core) stability.

Pushing a ball away with a stick 

standing-ball-stick.jpgStand on a small step or cushion. Your partner stands facing you about 3m away.

He throws the ball to you so that you can push it back to him.

Push it hard enough so your partner can catch it easily.

Make sure that you keep the stick level.

How many times? 

Repeat the throwing and pushing at least 10 times.

How to make the exercise more difficult

  • Increase the number of pushes the next time you have an exercise session and see if you can work up to doing 50 ball pushes. 
  • Get yur partner to speed up and throw a little faster. 
  • You can also try doing this exercise with a 65 cm ball. 

training guide.png