The SfA Fitness Training Challenge

Fitness and coordination training holds the key

To improving function in children with movement difficulties. 

Children with movement difficulties (DCD, joint hypermobility, a diagnosis of SPD, autism) often general fitness levels, or muscle weakness and poor coordination for a specific task that impacts on their ability to participate fully in class, playground or sporting activities. 

Yet all children can improve their strength and coordination for specific tasks. It just takes 5-10 minutes a day of practice over 2-3 weeks to see a big difference in performance. 

There is an added bonus when you and your child regularly engage in a challenging task: working towards a goal and achieving success gives your child the natural "high" that is part of the brain's in-built reward system.

In other words, the child learns that effort and persistence and hard work can "feel" good. 

Each week I will post a new exercise for you and your child to work on. The exercise instructions will include a set of graded goals (to suit different ages and abilities, with suggestions for measuring progress. 

The first challenge is doing a sit-up at an age appropriate level. Sit-ups is exercise that is often included in PE and sporting activities warm-ups. Boys especially value the ability to do sit-ups.

lying reach arms forwards.jpg  Supine sit up 2_0.jpg  sit erect.jpg