SfA Products

SfA Fitness and Coordination Training Guide
All the information you need to be your child's coach and advocate 

Designed by a master physical therapist

$20 for a 12 month subscription  

 training guide info.png    Subscribe now_2.png   


Handwriting and drawing 

Handwriting Gym Online Handbook   
For parents and teachers 

Includes handwriting logo.jpeg_1.jpg

Cost: $15 for a 12 month subscription   Buy now

For therapists 

Managing flexibility in infants and children 

An online manual for therapists  Buy now

Joint hypermobility - impact on function 
Active mobilization to improve flexibility in tight muscles   With video demonstrations of techniques
Active stretching exercises  Read more 

​Cost $20 for a 12 month subscription   
         R300 - pay via EFT (contact pam@skillsforaction.com for banking details).

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