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Everyday, in my work with infants and young children I encounter challenges and each time I ask myself one important question. .

Am I providing this infant/child and family the very best possible physiotherapy intervention and support?

This blog is about my search for answers to this question. 

  • The last few weeks my 8-year-old granddaughter has been practicing standing on her hands with a great deal of persistence and many, many,many repetitions,  Yesterday, for the first time she managed to get both her legs up to perform a perfect handstand. This seems to have been a balance and coordination breakthrough because she also developed the courage and trust in her own abilities to swing her legs up a little harder to stand against the wall and stay standing on her hands for 30 seconds. 

  • In my work with fearful children who have movement difficulties I am always amazed at how quickly and easily a child can be shifted from fearfulness to courage in the face of physical challenges. As one 6-year-old put it  "I have leant to face my fears".