Task Oriented Therapy and Training for Children

A practical manual for occupational and physical therapists

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Fitness training and PE activities 

Sitting up from lying: Analysis, assessment, graded activities 

Sit up from wedge over arm_1.jpg   Sit backs 2.jpg

Forthcoming chapters


Task analysis: using task-individual-environment (T-I-E) approach  - on the way 

Task analysis and graded activities

Includes development, videos, visual information pickup, suggestions for graded activities

Cutting with scissors: analysis and graded activities 

Catching a ball: task analysis and graded activities 

  • Including the importance of visual information for ball catching 

Throwing activities 

Stepping up and ascending stairs

Stepping down and descending stairs 

Jumping activities

Walking out of doors: surfaces, gradients, fitness 

Running style and fitness 

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