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Developmental conditions and motor skills 

R 3y 9m scissor cutting_1.jpgHow different developmental conditions such as joint hypermobility, low muscle tone, developmental coordination disorder and autism affect a child's fitness, coordination and everyday function. 

Low muscle tone 
Joint hypermobility
Infants with low muscle tone and joint hypermobility
​Developmental coordination disorder and dyspraxia
Autism spectrum disorders
The highly sensitive, very cautious child

Difficulties and FAQ's

More about particular motor issues experienced by children with movement difficulties

3y running  2.jpgHow to help your child and make fitness a family affair

​Learn how to identify your child's strengths and weaknesses, figure out what can be done to overcome challenges and take charge of the coaching that is needed to help your child get get fit and stay fit. Read more

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Learn how you can use the SfA Fitness and Skills Training (FAST) Programs to help your child. 

Just 15 minutes a day of focused training is all that is needed to make a difference. 

Fitness and skills training logo_1.png All the information and support you need to become your child's fitness coach

Meet other parents and compare notes
Exercise instructions for improving strength, flexibility and endurance 
Training programs for addressing specific difficulties

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