Movement skills training for children

For children who need a little extra help to get fit for action 

Who needs a little extra help?

Joint hypermobility
Low muscle tone
Highly sensitive child 
DCD and dyspraxia  
Autism and Asperger

Babies and toddlers 
Some babies need a little extra help along the way
Hypermobile and low tone in babies and toddlers

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How you can help your infant and child
 How to help your child 
Create action spaces for learning and fitness 
What your child should be able to do
Active infants (babies and toddlers)

Developmental Gym Webspace  

Lots of ideas, activity programs and exercises for improving motor skills in infants and children

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About Skills for Action

All children have the capacity to improve their existing movement skills and to acquire new skills through practice. The trick is to provide the child with the right learning opportunities - and then to support the learning so that the child's efforts lead to success.

The aim of this website is to share with parents, teachers and therapists some very practical ideas that I have found to be useful in helping children to gain movement skills.

I also hope that it will become a place where other people will share ideas and experiences - and in this way create a rich learning environment for all of us who live and work with children who need that little bit of extra help to learn to move and do things.

Pam Versfeld
Physiotherapist, Cape Town, South Africa

About the author

I am physiotherapist working in Cape Town, South Africa. I am particularly interested in how children acquire skills and the importance of the emotional and cognitive skills in children's learning of movement-based tasks.

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